Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[SHOW] MAGIC! (Central Hall) (Las Vegas Convention Center) (FEB16-18)

Hello out there!

Sorry for not being able to blog for so long.. Miss us? I know you guys did. We did too.. We feel like we just came out of a cave after a year and things seem so bright! Luckily for us and thanks to each and every one of you fans and buyers we had an excellent FAME show. We also went to Atlanta and Dallas and had a good show too. Now it is that time again for our biggest show MAGIC! Booth # 70130. Please come and support us here too! We are not making you buy anything but we will ask! =) Come on! That's what we're paid for! But you can always come and take a look around our new and improved booth. Not only is it bigger! 2 times bigger! but its better and badder (badder in the cool hip way! not the "bad" bad way..) We have changed our whole look. Come check it out! No pressure! Once again! We are located at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Central Hall! Booth is 70130. We put in all the hard work of setting up the booth and getting everything ready so that you, our customers can enjoy nice scenery while you look through hundreds of styles =). Like we said! We have a sense of humor! It is a sarcastic sense of humor. We will also have Ark & Co bags. The latest in our new technology which consists of... ok.. I'll be honest.. We have no technology in it.. Wanted it to sound like those cool commercials.. but it will be pretty! We promise. If not.. then.. you guys can... beat up... KRIS! =)
Thank you all once again for taking your time to read what we have to say. We know it can be boring and time consuming but then again, we do this for y'all. For those few who enjoy it. We shall see you all there Feb.16th - 18th at MAGIC



-The ark&co Team-

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey everyone,

Wow... What can I start off saying? November/December has been such great months for our line. Our line is finally starting to broaden and we are so happy that we can share this with everyone. Thank you to everyone who has been there to make orders and take orders of our styles. Of course we will thank the people who are going to make orders too. The reason why we love blogging and facebooking? is because there is no limit to what I can write and I don't have to worry about customers getting irritated or annoyed because my emails are so long. On top of emails, blogging really lets us kind of show future customers or customers of customers see what kind of people put their hard work and dedication to this company, this family. (Well not literally family but you know what I'm talking about).

Anyways, enough with the dramatic thoughtful stuff. Gotta get back to making our line look better than others. =P. Let's see here. After posting the gray dress featured in People StyleWatch, we got into the magazine again!! Find People StyleWatch magazine at any magazine store. As you can see it is such a lovely dress that is unfortunately all sold out now. Also, I just received a picture of Adrienne Bailon wearing one of our styles for MTV. She used to be in a girl group called Cheetah Girls and 3LW. She was in a few episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians as Rob's GF and the most recent episode of Khloe's wedding as hs ex. She can also be found on MTV! Isn't it just lovely? Don't ask why we watch that show. Why? Whats wrong with the show? Ummm... Most of us are guys... I shall leave it at that.

Also we are getting ready for FAME! Finally we get to meet some new customers as well as returning customers face to face again. Please do not come up to us and ask us who writes those annoying emails and who this non funny sarcastic joker is. We will deny you entrance. JUST KIDDING about denying you entrance! Of course we want you to come to our booth.. We get lonely.. But we are not kidding about negative things. Only come up to us to say OMG you guys are so funny and cool and hip and number 1. Other than that. We don't want to hear it. Find us at FAME. BOOTH NUMBER is 1517.


Thank you everyone once again for supporting us and helping us getting our name known to the public! Really... Thank you... We shall see you guys at FAME. Just in case we do not end up writing a blog by then, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
You can always find us on facebook!


-The ark&co Team-

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[Blabber] 2009 is almost over.

Hey y'all,

How has everyone been? It'd been quite a while since we last updated our blog and would like to apologize for making all of you wait... But on a brighter note, We have a fresh new look on our site and more styles to choose from. Over 50 + styles.. So I guess some of you are wondering what happened after being in the people style watch magazine.. ALOT! We have come up with more ideas and made lots of progress.. For the dress, If you want more of it, it will be up on www.lulus.com and www.modcloth.com in (we would say) about a week. Excited? We know we are! Also for all our customers in Dallas and the ATL or surrounding cities, we are coming to your MARKET in January! So get your plan books ready and be sure to visit us! We will let you know our location once we find out!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.. My, how this year went by so fast.. A year of laughs, stress, work, hard times, good times and love. Also a great first year for Ark & Co. Our little baby is growing so fast. You the customers, whether you buy our clothing directly from us or buy it from the stores that buy from us, make us proud to work at this label.

Please stop by our site to check it out at www.arknco.com
Also become a fan on facebook. The link is at our site.

Once again, thank you for all the support! We can never thank you enough!

Thank you Mod cloth for letting us use this picture! This is "THE DRESS" =)

-The ark&co Team-

Monday, September 28, 2009

[Press] Oct issue and Ranting!

Hey folks,

How have y'all been? Hopefully everyone's been doing good. As for us? We've been doing GRRREAAAATTTT! One of our styles got into People this month and we've been having numerous phone calls about it from customers and our customers customers. If that makes any sense. We have been super busy just trying to send out merchandise that was taken from our show and press. Busy busy busy. So for a while we were not able to update our lovely website who was very lonely.. We apologize arknco.com. We have not forgotten about the website or the wonderful bunch who come on the website to make orders. This is all thanks to that wonderful asian guy that you see at the shows. lol. Ok I'll stop with that before I get fired or beat up. We are always grateful to our customers for making us so looked for. We're like that baby that everyone loves and do not want to grow old and forgotten but be even more known and loved. Hello~! We're attention whores. (can I say that?) We have actually been able to accomplish alot of things during our MAGIC show and now. For instance..... Being cooler than cool. ICE COLD! Ok.. i'll stop that too. Yes I know its corny! There is no need to ask our employees or people affiliated with us who writes those annoying emails or who comes up with those corny jokes. It is I! I do it all! From sending merchandise with my sidekick Kris, sending out emails, taking orders, picking up phone calls, eating lunch!, getting press and getting hated and loved for these emails. This is what happens when you are high on work! You become.... like me.... =)

Well I hope all of you guys have a great week! So come on our website and show us some lovin!
We would really like that!

-The ark&co Team-

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Show] MAGIC Aftermath.


We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts and we really mean that! This past MAGIC show was a very huge success. That is because..... of us and our emails! (Just kidding) We hit a record in show sales this MAGIC and we owe it to all you guys who showed interest in our line. We love it! I would like to thank me for advertising and me for being so cool? (just kidding again) Once again thank you for your support.

For the people who took the time off to come to our booth and say that our emails were annoying.... =( YOUR MEAN! How could you crush our hopes and dreams. *tear* Even our sales girls made fun of us... T.T <---- thats a crying face. But it's ok because you guys still ordered. Even though it kind of felt like you hit us and felt bad so bought something. But thats better than nothing! We know we always say us even though its just me writing the emails. I feel like a masked villian. Customers coming to our booth and asking who writes the emails, our lovely associates pointing me out.. They're the greatest no?


-The ark&co Team-

Thursday, August 27, 2009

[Show] MAGIC JR12514 Las Vegas

Hey y'all,

Wow. This has been a very very hectic week for us. Getting ready for MAGIC. Hope everyone is going since we are going to have lots and lots of new samples you guys haven't seen yet. Don't forget to stop by our booth JR 12514. We will be waiting for you guys! Website is also going to be updated today so wait and see! Always remember to make pre orders! Or else you won't be able to get the ones that you want. Have a great weekend guys and I will update everyone after MAGIC! Take Care

-The ark&co Team-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[Press?] Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami Ep.1

The other day as one of our employees was watching E! on t.v, they noticed something on a new show called Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. For those of you who do not know of them or think you remember but can't seem to get it clearly, they are the sisters of Kim Kardashian. Even though it really isn't a shoutout or anything of that sort, just the fact that one of our styles are in their boutique is phenomenal. Dash Miami. Take a look at the video posted below and go to around 5:30 til about 5:40. You'll see the side view of this style and then BAM! for about 1-2 seconds... BT-4128 in the HOUSE! =)

-The ark&co Team-